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Aloe advantage Hydrogel Spray with Phenol

Aloe advantage Hydrogel Spray with Phenol

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Clinging hydrogel helps maintain a moist wound environment for advanced healing. Phenol inhibits bacteria growth, while Aloe has been clinically proven to increase basal keratinocyte proliferation four fold, meaning increased new cell growth and collagen production. Combine this with Aloe’s ability to dilate capillaries and increase blood supply and the result is faster healing.

For Use On:

Horses, Dogs and other animals (Do not use on cats)


- Spray-on hydrogel clings to open wound

- Helps to prevent proud flesh

- Aloe is shown to contain anti-oxidant components with anti-inflammatory action (research has proven that Aloe heals wounds faster)

- Allantoin is an organic cell growth and renewal agent that is proven by research to speed healing and decreases scarring

- Quick and easy to use

- Does not sting or stain

- Sprayer makes it easy to treat hard to reach areas

- No cross contamination or messy application (just point and spray)

- Excellent for hot spots


Deionized water, aloe vera gel, phenol, carbomer, sorbitol, allantoin, triethanolamine


Cleanse the affected area once a day with Step 1 Cleanser with Phenol. Then saturate the wound with Step 2 Hydrogel Spray at least twice a day. Be sure to spray hydrogel a couple of inches around the edges of the affected area. Follow up if needed by applying Step 3 Aloe Salve once the hydrogel has been absorbed. It is suggested you use only the Aloe Advantage products on the affected area.

Do NOT use on cats